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Burnside Band has continued their busy schedule into 2015 ans one of the BIG efforts they have on is continuing their efforts to raise funding for their next promo video with the KICKSTARTER campaign.
Don’t forget to support them in their efforts here, readers, they really need the support of all their fans to continue their growth.
They have also played at a few locations for the first time and received some really positive support. It is great to see them get up on stage at a hotel location where they aren’t known and turn the heads of some of the regulars. It is testament to having a unique sound that can catch attention on your first hearing.
The great news is that at some of their latest Gigs fans and newcomers to the Band have been able to get a taste of things to come. They have played some of the new songs they have composed and produced; and I can tell you they really build on the excellent music we all know from the album EVOLUTION.
They also “kill ’em” when it comes to a few covers that they include in their shows. Their great execution of covers showcases the talent and versatility of the Band, who have always maintained that they are an “original” band; not a cover band. By giving listeners a chance to really hear them through a song they are familiar with, (a hit rock song), it is the perfect approach to convincing any sceptics of the range of their capability as a tight knit Band.
In relation to the new songs they are giving their live audiences, rumor has it that an EP is on the way !! (??, now that’s an old term ….. anyhow it is a 4 or 5 song compilation), or I suppose you could call it a “a short album”.
I can’t wait !!


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