Hi Readers / Music Fans,

I’m Stephen and I’ve been a fan of rock music since my pre-teen days back in the 50’s

Oh my God, you are saying !! An old fart !!

Yeah I’m an old fart BUT ……  just like that old professor at the university, depicted in so many movies, I’m FAR MORE credentialed to be here than just about any of you that are reading this.

You see, the fact that I have built this site means that, because of my decades of rock music listening experience, I happen to think this Band RIPS. Because of my decades of experience I also KNOW that this great band will struggle to be discovered unless they get support from you, the fans, and me, the supporter of their right to be heard to the masses.

You see, I have not only witnessed, on television, the first ever performances of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones …… I could go on ……. but I’ve also read so many stories of the difficulty many of these music artists had to get a deal with a record company.


I won’t get on my soap box here but a typical example; note I said a typical example is that The Beatles were turned down; they didn’t even get to do an audition at first. Why ?? Because some brilliant record company executive with the foresight of a blade of grass stated that guitar bands were finished in the trending music world.

That was in 1962. And this lack of artistic cognizance by record company executives has happened to many, many bands and / or rock music artists that DID make it. and it continues to happen; time and time again. Can you imagine how many bands didn’t have the tenacity to keep going and keep trying or didn’t have an awesome manager like Brian Epstein.

So you see my credentials are that my ears have heard it all; all for the very first time !!

I’ve traveled the rock (rock ‘n roll) music train since it’s birth !!

I’m not an old fart who dwells on the rock music of his youth. I love the rock music of my youth; but I love (equally) the awesome rock that continues to keep this genre alive and continues to make this genre a “stayer”.

I love soft rock, rock pop, hard rock; heavy rock …… I love ’em all.

Today is a tough market. There are so many different genres. There are so many different radio stations that only play certain genres. There are so many music artists promoted in the music industry that clearly don’t have the staying power but have certain attributes that a marketer can present to a gullible teen who has just started to take an interest in music. In fact it starts before the teen years; it starts in various media targeting all ages from 2 to 3 years old and up.

With today’s artists that make it, it is more often about how marketable they are; originality, artistry, musicianship, pure awesomeness is NOT what these brilliant record executives are looking for.

So to do my bit for a great band, the Burnside Band, I have set up this website to reinforce their own website, www.burnsideband.com