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2014 ended with a blast for the Burnside Band.

Throughout the year they played their unique style of rock through the heats of the Extravaganza Festival Australia, which was held a Sydney, Australia’s famous Metro venue.

Bands like INXS,  Silverchair to name a couple of famous international acts that have played this venue on their rise to extreme success.

In 2014 this Festival attracted 117 bands from around Australia and how exciting was that through each series of heats, Burnside Band were still in the competition.

Fast forward to December 6, 2014 and Burnside Band are playing in the Final. The prize is a trip to Germany to record in a famous studio and, of course, to gain the experience of working with professional producers.

Still, making the Final did not guarantee anything, as the competition was understandably fierce with so many great bands making it through.

Not only were the bands judged on their overall performance, there were other criteria that was considered and each individual in each band was assessed for the quality of their performance and their musicianship.

All the bands played to the judges for the final time and then the wait was on.

Would Burnside Band be able to come out on top? Would they receive any recognition at all from having played in such a talented environment?

Finally the announcement that the awards were to be presented.

The announcements of the winners started from the lower placings, culmination in the announcement of the winning band. As each minor placing was announced Burnside Band was either still in the running ….. or not even in the final grouping.

and in 3rd Place    ……  Burnside Band. The announcement was, at the same time, a disappointment and a celebration, not to mention a relief.

It would have hurt to have not been in the final selection; and it left a bit of a flat feeling to not make that top place; after all 3rd place is SO close. However to have been chosen as the 3rd best band out of 117 Australian bands is quite amazing in itself.

Congratulations Burnside Band on a fantastic effort !!

But then the individual awards started to be announced …. best singer ……. best rhythm guitar ….. best lead guitar …….  and the best drummer goes to Burnside Band.

AWESOME !!!  congratulations Felipe  …. worthy acknowledgement of a great drummer. The music of Burnside Band is quite a complex composition of sounds and the drums are the foundation of that sound.

The album EVOLUTION, from which the music they performed came from, is available for download from iTunes here – https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/evolution/id586826372


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