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Well life on the internet for me hasn’t been great for several months as I had my Hosting website hacked and my host company, HostGator, decided to close down all my websites. (Yes I have a few … over 20 with them and another several with another hosting company). I’ve found a great new hosting company that could be described as “the new wave” in hosting companies. The guy who founded it researched what the others weren’t doing and made sure he does them and more. I’m hoping “Insty.me” lives up to my new-found expectations. (Free plug). And of course i’ve learned my lesson …. a bit more security on my sites from now on.

So I’ve slowly got all my hosting “shit” sorted out by using a great guy on Fiverr called Amine. If you ever need anything done with hacked WordPress sites go see him at https://www.fiverr.com/amiin3. (Free plug).

Great guy who lives in Algeria (the good part … ). He is a WIZ !!

So because of my internet miseries I haven’t posted updates about Burnside for some time …. so this is going to be the first of a few “update summary’s”.

And I’ll start with the latest. Although I have a close “tie” with the Band I don’t necessarily get told much at all about them; I just have to do my own research to update the information I include about Burnside on this siteĀ  … and i don’t mind that ….. helping a talented group of musicians in any little way I can to get the recognition they deserve.

Looking at the latest news seeping out of the Burnside stable ….

David mastering

The Master masterer


And drums are done! Massive thanks to Dave at Studio Bleus for making us sound huge!
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The guys are working hard at putting down the tracks for some new songs for a new EP. Word has it that their strategy is to put out the new Album in at least 2 parts (as EP’s) to keep the Band “current”. We all know how quickly a band can fade into obscurity; even when they get radio play, so it can happen even more quickly for the bands on struggle street.

They have been keeping their FB followers interest by regular posts like “We’ve been a bit quiet lately but it’s for a good reason! We’re writing a tonne of new songs for album number 2 which we’re aiming to get out before the end of the year!”

More recently they posted “We’ve been super quiet lately but it’s all for a good reason! We’re currently in the process of booking studio time to record our latest project. We’re going to be doing things a little bit differently this time around and we’re really excited about it. More details to come so stay tuned!”

All points towards some great new music being released pretty soon!!

Just to tantalise a bit they put up a couple of videos of some practice sessions featuring 2 of their new songs they are working on. Pretty raw footage (and sound) but if you listen you get a good feeling for the great rock foundation they are working to. A bit of brilliant mastering and production and there will really be something growing out of these practice sessions.

Have a look at them here :



As they post on FB …. “Check out a super fresh bit of riffage from last night.”

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