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OK, so after the huge success of their debut video “Will I Find You There“, BURNSIDE are into fund raising mode to get another professionally produced video out into the mainstream YouTube music community. Their Facebook events page has only just been launched and gives you all the details.

This new video will feature another of the fans favorite songs from their album, EVOLUTION, called “Lost The Will”. Go the HERE to get a great preview video of songs from the album.

So rather than me repeating stuff about this new venture by the band I will just copy the information below, with links, so you can go see for yourself.

This BAND is really going places and if you’ve ever wanted to be / dreamed of being a foundation member of a famous bands fan base; together with the inevitable gratitude and privileges that will be bestowed on you once they are really “up and running” in the mainstream rock world, then this is your chance.

The Bands lead guitarist and unanimously appointed publicity guru, David Rice, wrote this follower with the Bands backing of course!

So read on and go have a look yourself :-

Hey guys, as you may have heard, we are starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our next music video! This time around we’re shooting a video for “Lost The Will”. The money will go towards filming, editing, production, actors, promo etc etc. We’re still working out exactly how much we need to raise but we’re going to keep it as low as humanly possible because with Kickstarter we only get the money (and you only get charged) if we make the ENTIRE goal. So if we set out target as $3000 and we only raise $2500 then we get NOTHING! You, as a backer, don’t get charged either which also means you don’t get the really cool rewards we’re going to have set up. This means YOU, the backers, have the power to make or break this video!

If you’re not very familiar with Kickstarter then basically the way it works is as follows:

You donate money to our Kickstarter page in return for awesome gifts.

For example if you donate $1 you’ll get a very lovely handwritten thank you note from the band detailing just how freaking amazing you are as a person.

If you donate $10 you’ll get a copy of our debut album signed by the band and a lovely handwritten thank you note.

$25 gets you a bunch more cool stuff.

$50 gets you heapppps more really really cool stuff.

$75 wow… that’s like heaps of cool stuff.


$200+ shit starts to get intimate…

We’re currently getting together lots of great stuff for these rewards and so far we’ve got signed coppies of our debut album evolution, an EP of never before heard b-sides, our olllld “Forever For Now” EP, brand new t-shirts, 26 Burnside skateboard decks, limited edition posters of new artwork, handwritten lyrics, stickers, badges, we’ll record a cover song especially for you, maybe exclusive access to an alternative ending to the new video and sooooo much more.

Got any great ideas for rewards? Let us know!

The campaign will be launching in a few months but we need to get the ball rolling and build up all the hype and get an idea of who is willing to back us so sign up to our special Kickstarter email list by clicking the link below and we’ll keep you posted on everything to do with the campaign 🙂



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